Limited supported markdown features

E=mc^2 \tag{1}       # tag will flow to left
\sum_i \sum_j x_{ij} # consecutive operators may fail to render
A \cos \Big(x # consecutive operators may fail to render
{align*} # align not work

Report it to onemark@neux.studio if you found one.


What happens if I open a note created by OneMark on mobile or other devices?
Shortcut keys F5 and F8 conflicts with OneMore or other software?

Use any modifier key, for example Alt + F5.

Why can’t I type code block ``` in OneNote?

This is because `` is auto-corrected to spaces in OneNote. You can stop it either in the tooltip, or in File-Options-Proofing-AutoCorrect Options.

<xxx> disappear after rendering.

OneMark supports html tags, so <xxx> will be treated as html tags. Just wrap it in `` as inline code.

How to import local images?
Can I insert list/blockquote/code block in table?

Yes, you can do that in OneMark. However, this is not supported in most markdown editors. So when exporting markdown it will not be compatible with others.

Can I open a same note in two OneNote windows?

No. OneMark will stop working in that case.

Why __text__ is underlined, not bold?

__text__ looks like underline to me. Besides we already have **text** to make it bold. 😃

If I directly modify a math equation generated from LaTeX using OneNote math tools, will the markdown source be automatically updated?

Currently no. If you want to maintain data consistency strictly, you must switch it back to source code mode by Ctrl + , to modify a LaTeX. That’s the only exception for in-place modifications.

How does F5 (Convert Paragraph) work?